System link failure and displayport 1.0 instead of 1.2

Discussion created by mcgee on Apr 28, 2020
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Hi there,


I made a post few month about my monitor going black screen for 2/3 seconds randomly only on displayport (2nd monitor on hdmi dont have any issues)(i have this issue since i have my vega 56, my older r9 290 was running perfect @144hz 1080p)


But recentrly i noticed something on my driver you can check on the screen i upload that my connection on display port is 2,7 x4 gbs... Maybe i am wrong but it look like 10,8 gbs and after some search on the net i found that diplayport 1.0 is about 10,9 gbs and displayport 1.2 is about 21,6 gbs


Can someone confirm this ? This could be the issue for my randoms black screens 


my spec : i5 8600k,Aorus Gaming 3,MSI Vega56 Airboost and my screen is MSI Optix G27C i am using a 50$ displayport cable VESA certified displayport 1.2, my screen is certified  displayport 1.2 also and my GPU can go up to displayport 1.4


Before you ask me there is no option in my monitor setting to activate displayport 1.2 and another funny fact is that i can see on the net that Freesync work only on displayport 1.2 but it is working properly on my pc


Since 3 days i Am using the AMD Override in AMD settings and i didn't get any black screens for now (crossed fingers)


Maybe i am wrong or Maybe i dont understand the information's i found, it would be nice if someone could give me the light on this case ^_^