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Whats going on with my wraithprism cooling?

Question asked by tehchad on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by jazz41jazz04

This is the best image of the bubbling/oil that has been spun around the inside of my wraithspire cooler.Hi, I have a Ryxen 7 3700x CPU 3.6GHz 8Core. I've used the stock cooler since I built my rig in December 2019. I haven't had any cooling issues at all. My temp logs hold consistently at 60°C/140°F. I noticed tonight that the paint on the inside of the cooler behind the illuminated ring is like bubbling up? I'm not sure whats going on. It's either an oil leak from the fan bearing or a bad factory paint job that's changing due to heat? It seems to be primarily a cosmetic issue. Should I just ignore it? Or is this a sign that i may have temperature issues that haven't got bad yet?

If you at the bottom center you'll see the "bubble". If you look around the inside of my Wraith Spire cooler's ring you see many smaller bubbles around the ring.

Edit: (A few days later)  If you look at my cooler today the "bubbles" have disappeared. While I don't see the bubbles I see what one would liken to what you see on a napkin after you let a potato chip sit on it for a few hours. Something that looks like it was wet and is drying. There's no liquid puddles (or bubbles) anywhere else besides whatever residue is on the ring. The top of my sapphire video card (technically the underside of my video card) still looks pristine and if it was a fluid leak you would expect a puddle or drops to have fallen on my video card and collected. But there's no sign of that at all.