AMD Radeon HD 7650M and switchable graphics

Discussion created by drgouh on Apr 6, 2020
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Hello everybody,


I know this is a bit of a recuring topic but I'm out of things to do...


My system:

HP Probook 4740s with Windows 10 64bit

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7650M

CPU: Intel Core i5-2450M CPU 2,5GHz

Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 3000

Display: Generic PnP Monitor on Intel HD Graphics 3000

Motherboard: HP 1846 (U3E1)

BIOS: HP 68IRR Ver. F.68

RAM: 6Gb

I currently have installed AMD Catalyst Control Center Version 2015.0215.2138.37093

And Intel HD Graphics Graphics's driver version

(I can provide other info if needed).


I can't seem to configure switchable graphics on my laptop.

I've tried many things.

I installed all the drivers corresponding to my laptop from the HP website.

I tried the lastest drivers for my GPU on the AMD website. (Crimson and CCC)

I even tried the leshcat drivers when the site was still up.

Nothing worked so far. My computer always use the Intel chipset.

I always did clean installation of the driver using AMD cleanup utility and/or DDU.

Is there a solution to this ?

Should I go back to Windows 7 ?


Hope I've provided enough information. Tell me if more is needed.