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RX Vega GH is detected incorrectly using AMD driver

Question asked by samsam on Apr 4, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by samsam

I have a RX Vega GH which is integarated with the Intel Kaby-Lake G.  I tried to use the latest AMD driver (both WHQL 20.2.2 and the Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.4.1 drivers) and ran any opencl code (tried plaidbench from plaidml and folding@home client), but it hanged the computer.


However, when I tried the Intel RX Vega driver, it ran flawlessly.


I figured out that using AMD driver, it showed gfx902 on plaidml-setup but using Intel driver, it showed gfx804.  I suspect the RX Vega M is not a truely gfx9 gpu so it can run on gfx8 code flawlessly but on gfx9 code, it hangs.  Can AMD help to adjust the driver or investigate on this issue?  I really want to use the AMD driver to see any better opencl performance on RX Vega M.