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Issues with ARB_gl_spirv

Question asked by waylan on Mar 23, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2020 by tim-rex

With AMD on Windows SPIR-V shaders in OpenGL don't seem to work properly. I encountered issues where nothing is rendered at all and others seem to have similar issues (How to Load SPIR-V Shaders in OpenGL | Geeks3D ). I appended a simple example, which on my machine results in a segfault on the draw command when using the SPIR-V shaders. By the way, there is generally no helpful debug output in these cases.


I don't have a setup to test it on Intel/Nvidia on Windows, but the same example runs just fine on AMD/Intel on Linux with Mesa 20. The example also includes a switch, 'USE_SPIRV', which, when set to '0' uses the same glsl shaders instead, which also runs just fine.


To reproduce, just unzip, compile with cmake and run spirvtest.exe.


The shaders have been compiled with glslangValidator -G.


Either I can't see a very obvious mistake here or the SPIR-V support for OpenGL is broken.


My config:

GPU: RX480

Radeon Adrenaline Edition 20.2.2


edit: A small test repository is available at GitHub - jothalha/spirv-example: SPIR-V Test repository