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AMD Chipset Installer Stuck at 0% + Error 1720

Question asked by genrabbit on Mar 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by andrei93

Hi, after a lot of problems trying to install this drivers; 1720 error, stuck at 0% and so on(although it seems to have installed anyway)

I noticed a weird thing when going thru my system and the installer package.

The installer says it installs AMD GPIO Driver But driver in package is Is this an error?


And can we get to choose where to extract the drivers before installing.. I hate it when it forces itself unto C:


Oh, and how can I check what AMD Ryzen Powerplan is installed. Would be nice if the installer told what is already installed.



Checking the GPIO INF file, it says *124 aswell. Only the user is told its *126