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20.2.2 fan PWM% setting not going lower than 26%

Question asked by higgih01 on Mar 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by ucantosbagayoshi

I have a Sapphire RX 5700XT Nitro +, and under 20.2.1 I had adjusted my fan PWM setting to be a constant 12% up to a temp of 60C as it was whisper quiet at this speed and much less annoying than having the Fan Stop feature enabled, as the Nitro's heat sink is just not big enough to passively keep 5700 XT GPU cool enough to stop its temp steadily climbing up to the point where the fans come on and ramp up to 1300 rpm (in silent vBios mode) which is really quite annoying. I saved my modified fan speed and a stable undervolt that I had worked out as a Profile.


I upgraded to 20.2.2, but when I imported my saved Profile, I discovered that 20.2.2 no longer allows me to set a fan PWM% lower than 26%. The heat sink on my Nitro + is much bigger than the reference card's and can keep my GPU temp below 50 deg C for desktop use at a fan PWM of 12%. I thought that this might be an issue with my imported Profile, so I did a complete DDU clean and installed 20.2.2 fresh. I tried to set new, fresh fan PWM profile, but once again found that 20.2.2 won't allow a fan PWM% lower than 26%.


Please AMD, let me set the same fan profile that I could set in 20.2.1.