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Which monitor timing parameter allows gpu vram frequency to downclock and run idle? Solved

Question asked by bobalazs on Feb 12, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2020 by bobalazs

Because now monitor is at 75 hz. and Vram is at 1750 Mhz. When i set monitor to 60 hz the Vram idles to 200. Monitor is Q3279VWD8 if that’s needed.


Will there be any fix in drivers ever so monitors can run with idle clocks with monitors running nonstandard timings?




The most common explanation given for the max memory clocks at 144Hz issue is something along the lines of:


"The card needs the power to push all those pixels. It need higher memory clocks to drive high refresh rates."


What really happens is the monitor's is using nonstandard timing, and the graphics card and its driver defaults to maximum clock to play it safely.


I can edit this value however with CRU (custom resolution utility)


However i would need the values that are actually 1. safe to change 2. make a difference in graphics card meaning, it will then drive the monitor panel at low vram clocks. ie. 200 Mhz.