Beta builds for Blender 2.82

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Hi all, Blender version 2.82 is coming soon!  We would like some feedback on these updated builds that will work with 2.82 (as well as 2.81 and 2.80).


The main point we'd like to test is the installers themselves.  These we have made many changes to a need feedback from public users.


On macOS, the installer will now ask you to point directly at the blender application to which you would like to install.  Note this is different than in the past, where you selected the folder holding the application.  So for example, on normal installation, you would select /Applications/ whereas previously you would selected the folder /Applications/.  So like below, select


Other notable changes:

  • Hair width matches better if object is scaled
  • Fixed an issue with multiple UV's if mesh modifiers were attached
  • Fixed an issue with Text objects crashing in viewport
  • Many changes to installer
    • Packages are smaller
    • Linux material library is separated
    • macOS installer prompts to select the to install to, not the folder containing
    • post scripts run on first plugin load to load necessary libraries.
  • Fixed a freeze with viewport and material preview running simultaneously
  • Improved HSV system.  Previously it was working correctly only with fixed values, not textures connected
  • Fixed an issue with non-mesh objects using the UV Map node
  • Fixed material assignment to metaball and curve objects for viewport modes
  • Added support of scale input on Mapping node (as well as negative scale)
  • Added support for Blender 2.82 changes to RGB Curves node
  • Fixed issue with adaptive subdivision and tile renders using the wrong camera to "adapt" subdivision to
  • Added support for Lookdev mode studio light "Strength"
  • Force IES files to update in viewport (sometimes they would not update when loading a new file)
  • Direction Lights use an angle for softness now
  • Fixed an issue loading environment map settings from Blender 2.79 scenes.
  • Fixed an issue updating viewport render if a UV Map node is present
  • Fixed artifacts when doing viewport renders with Adaptive sampling
  • Fixed a crash with Color Ramp node connected to displacement