Ryzen 7 3700X not boosting past 4050MHz

Discussion created by geoffreynm on Dec 23, 2019
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So I did some testing and monitoring with Ryzen Master and my CPU doesn't boost past 4050MHz on all cores when doing prime95.


I did some searching and all post are old by at least 5 months when everyone was saying Chipset drivers and BIOS updates were coming out to fix or had just come out, it also seems to be a common factor on the Asus motherboards which is what i have as well.


Is some one able to advise how I can remedy this and get my boost to what they are meant to be, I dont have experience overclocking and tinkering with any setting, everything I know is from watching youtube or reading articles, and only found the bottleneck due to building the PC myself and testing for Stability with parts.


I wont be looking to manually overclock as don't rely need to, so just want my standard boost speed resolved and maybe once I learn a bit more over the next year I will look to overclock the system if I require the performance then.


I have done testing on Cinebench for multi and single core and for all cores still only hits 4050MHz for 4551pts and also did single core test and still single core only hits max 4050MHz with 468pts

Changing the power plans have no effect other than higher Idle time temp and speeds.


I have attached Snip of a start of a run where you see all the cores bottle at 4050Mhz, I have also checked Bios and it seems Max speed is set to 4050Mhz by default 


Both test are run at Ryzen High performance power plan.


below are my PC specks

X570 Asus TUF gaming PLUS wifi

Ryzen 7 3700x

2 x 8 gig 3600mhz C16 RAM

1TB PCIe 4 NVMe Corsair MP600


Lian li Air RGA 8 x PWN fans

Deepcool Castle 360 RGB

Riotoro Enigma G2 750W


AMD Chipset

Bios version: 1405


Any help will be much appreciated thanks