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19.12.2 to 20.1.1 black screen issue when starting game ( turning off enhanced sync did not help)

Question asked by lilo33 on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by edmondvonersung

Most of the origin games show black screen including :

1.battlefield 2,3,4,5,1

2.Alice madness

3.Need for Speed 2015, speed, heat, payback

3. Dragon Age 1,2,3

Other games include:

4. Forza Horizon

5. Doom 2016

Also, many more steam games do not work at all. I start the game and then its black some cases, you can hear a sound and in some cases, it's stuck completely.

Both 5700xt and r9-290x showing these problems in 19.12.2 and also in 19.12.3 (which did not fix anything.SOmethings to mention :

1. I installed all of this drivers fresh using DDU in safe mode ..etc

2. Windows 10 updated.

3. I tried the "turning off enhanced sync trick" which did not work in both drivers.

4. reverting back to 19.12.1 solves everything.

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