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3700X random reboots

Question asked by almightynasty on Dec 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Just updated my system from a Ryzen 1700 to a 3700X.  Brand new MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wi-Fi motherboard, 16 gig Gskill 3200 memory, Ryzen 3700x with Coolermaster 240 AIO. Fresh install Windows 10 on Samsung EVO Pro NVME ssd.  I'm using my MSI RTX 2080 and Corsair HX850 Pro power supply from the 1700 system. The new system keeps randomly rebooting whether gaming or  watching YouTube.  Can go for days then all of a sudden it just restarts. No BSOD, no info in event logs except a Kernal 41 (63) error.  Its not a temperture problem as the the cpu never goes above 75 under max load all cores running prime 95.. Idles around 45-50.   Have stress tested for hours running Heaven, Prime95, Heavy Load etc without a single problem then I could be surfing  browsing the web or watching a YouTube video and it will suddenly crash restart.  Reading other posts with the same issue, people have suggested its a power supply problem.  So I swapped out the Corsair for a Brand new Thermaltake 750 Gold and still the same problem.  My Corsair never gave me any problems in my 1700 system so I doubt its a power supply fault.  Board has latest BIOS running default settings apart from memory xmp. No overclocking and all drivers up to date Windows version 1909.  I ran memtest overnight, no errors. This is driving me nuts, cant seem to find a cause.