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Radeon Software 19.12.2 [Breaks Red Dead Redemption 2]

Question asked by rhyagelle on Dec 14, 2019
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Just posting (and maybe asking if there's a solution?) that the latest software update, 19.12.2, completely breaks Red Dead Redemption 2. To the point that you are unable to even boot the game. It freezes it though you can still hear the audio. If you alt-tab, you can actually see it progressing, but if you go back in, it remains frozen. A fresh install of the driver, resetting settings for RDR2 etc etc does nothing. I've tested 3 other drivers for AMD and it immediately relieves the issue. But the later requires you deleting the cache, so it seems like the new driver also destroys the cache for RDR2 in the Documents location.


Also, if you stay on the frozen screen long enough, the game will crash with a "ERR_GFX_STATE Error" error.




RX 570
16gb RAM