Eyefinity needs landscape(flipped) (3x2 or 2x3)

Discussion created by smokeybr on Oct 27, 2019
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I just spent a good amount of money on a 3x2 display and the AMD video card to my disappointment eyefinity does not support the top monitors to be flipped on a 3x2 setup not only that it does not let you remove display from the eyefinity so i can use instead 3x1 setup (i have to manually disconnect displays everytime i use eyefinity)


I did some research and turns out that its possible to achieve 3x2 setup with top monitors flipped however all PAID 3rd party software (but no idea how well it works with games). I have seen posts 2 years old on this forum with people trying to achieve same thing and this is still not supported by AMD.


Since for now i am out of options decided to post here to see if anything can be done by the developers to add support to:

1.allow proper customization to single displays (in eyefinity) so we can at least flip displays or obey rotation of windows setup.

2.allow the removal of eyefinity displays, so we can decide to use (in my case) 3x1 or 3x2

(if there is a proper channel for feature requests, please let me know)


The need for flipping top monitors in eyefinity must be big since theres a lot of monitors being sold with thin bezel on top,left,right sides but the bottom side is really thick

Users that read this topic and agree please don't hesitate to reply, it is unlikely that this will be done if its only me asking for it.


OBS: i am quoting people that had the same interest as me when i was searching the forum.

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