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Radeon VII Low FPS

Question asked by artavasdes on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2019 by artavasdes

I recently had finished building a system with the following specs:

MB- Supermicro X9dri-f

Ram- 128gb 1866mhz 8 sticks samsung

cpu- dual e5-2667v2 clocked at 3.8 ghz (watercooled)

GPU- Power Color Radeon VII

I play games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Division 2 and Minecraft. Benchmarks say that I am experiencing 50-60% worse performance. For example, i run at an average 130 FPS in Rainbow Six Siege at maxed out settings, benchmarks say that I am supposed to be getting 0ver 240 FPS! In Division 2, I get around 50 FPS without DX 11 and 60 FPS with D30 fps DX12 at maxed out settings. I run minecraft at a pathetic 230 FPS with maxed settings and when I turn on shaders I get around 30 FPS. I tested the radeon vii on another system of mine the specs as follows-

MB: z270 TUF

CPU: i3-7100

RAM: 8gb @ 2666mhz


I got a similar FPS in Rainbow Six Siege as I did on the original computer. I do not know if this is a defect or a bad hardware pair up.

I appreciate any help, thanks!


P.S- all the games were @ 1080p