Ryzen 7 3700x high temp with Noctua NH D15S cooler

Discussion created by olympicasseater on Sep 30, 2019
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Hello. I have a temp issue with my R7 3700x high temp underload  and idle with Noctua NH D15s. idle is above 45C, and underload like running Aida64 default selected option stress test cause the temp is go above 85C on HWinfo64. Even playing PlanetSide 2 cause the CPU temp to 77C and slowly reaching to 80C. I did reapply thermal paste with 3 dots and check the mounting, and it seems fine to me. Ryzen Balance Power Plan selected.


ROG Strix X470F

R7 3700x

2x16GB G.Skill DDR4 3200MHz RGB

Corsair 750D with 2x 140mm fans intake front and 1x 140mm exhaust back

Ambient is 30C. Bring down ambient from 30C to 26C doesn't help the temp

Case off doesn't help either