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5700XT don't support directx 9

Question asked by tromdar on Sep 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by maxie

Good day!


Having problems with my 5700xt.


Every time i'm trying to play any game that works only on directx 9 i have game crash or even reboot.


For example im trying to play Lost Ark Online on russian server,and every time i'm moving to next location i got game crash.Localization company( keep silence, so i believe i must write about this problem here.


Also a lot of users who got 5700 series can't play properly in Aion and other games, that supports only dx9.


My spec:


Amd Ryzen 3700x

Amd Radeon 5700xt Aorus Gigabyte


16X2 Gb DDR4-3000MHz Crucial Ballistix

960 Gb Samsung 860 QVO

Zallman GV700-GVM