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AMD RAIDXpert2 Management Suite for Microsoft® Windows - X570 motherboard - separate utility - source?

Question asked by oleckliter on Sep 16, 2019
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The AMD docs (, page 65, state,

"Windows® – AMD-RAIDXpert2 Management Suite
1. Obtain the latest executable file from your system supplier, motherboard vendor, or from Download the file to the system’s desktop, execute it and follow the on-screen prompts...."


I contacted my motherboard supplier, Gigabyte (X570 chipset), and they said the only thing they received was a driver bundle which is suppose to include the utility (a zip 'd file which unzips to one exe and a readme - no ability to select the utility).  When I run the exe there is NO utility - and I've looked "everywhere" for it.  And...there is no download that I could find on the AMD site.  So...where can I obtain that utility?


For reference, this is a Win 10 Pro install (1809, not 1905) on a RAID 1 array of (2) Samsung NVMe SSDs.  It has been running fine but, based on past experience with Intel boards, the "provided" utility is the ONLY way to see SMART status  - to both see if a drive is about to fail and the serial number of the drive so, if there is s failure, you can pull the correct drive and replace it so the utility can do a rebuild.


The whole reason I built this new system is to get RAID 1 support.  If that utility is not there I'm totally blind just waiting for the day one of the drives fails.