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Question asked by cyseal on Aug 24, 2019
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How come AMD still doesn't have support for Octane?

Does Octane need to have OpenCL library implemented?



We stopped AMD CUDA development around 3.06.2 (although we yet release AMD OctaneBench 3.06.2 for RNDR node testing). Currently we are porting Octane over to a new framework (RNDR SDK) that cross compiles to Metal/Vulkan/CUDA to support all GPUs on all platforms (even iOS). Octane 2019.2 and later will ship with significant portions of the engine moved to this new framework, but you will still need a CUDA device (even if it is a network slave) to run the other 60% of Octane still in CUDA. At some point we'd like to port all of Octane over to the new framework, but until then, 2019.2+ can start to leverage AMD/Intel/Apple devices to offload some portions of the rendering work. So far, what we have ported from CUDA to the new framework seems to be faster, even on the same NVIDIA GPU (comparing CUDA vs. VK for example).

Would GCN1 card like 7870HD be able to run Octane then ?