Its not just Destiny 2

Discussion created by hewjazz321 on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2019 by h143570

I heard through the grape vine that Destiny 2 was having crashing issues with the new Zen 2 CPUS. Supposedly this has been addressed by AMD and the game is now functioning. Not a game I would play, so I don't really care.


There is however an old favorite of mine that no longer works with this new AMD CPU. This game is my beloved Max Payne the first. Upon starting the game, I get several Jpeg errors during the intro cutscenes and before it can reach actual gameplay, the game crashes. I swapped my 3800x back to my 1600x and the game starts with no errors or problems to speak of.


This issue has been posted on the Steam forums by a couple of other people that are currently running Zen 2 CPUS. Anyone else willing to give this old classic a go on there new Ryzen CPUs? With it being such an old game, it would be a damn shame if AMD isn't willing to look into this. One of my favorites that I wouldn't mind playing again. Appreciate any help or info anyone can give.