MSI RX5700 8GB Fortnite Crashes

Discussion created by poseidon on Aug 12, 2019
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I am here in Search for solution that is connected to multiple dayli based crashed of Fortnite with the graphic card described within the title of this post. So, 2 days ago I have bought fairly strong brand new PC (ryzen 7 3700x, msi rx5700, m.2 ssd etc.) and after playing league of legends, borderlands and Fortnite. Fortnite is making a lot of mess, but a lot. More detailed about the mess follows. So, when trying to launch the game from epic games launcher game crashed with some unreal engine bug described. While playing save the world or battle Royal mode also random crashes, sometimes fps drops and once really hard stuttering after afking for 2 minutes in the game. Obviously we are talking here about some driver bug that is specifically connected to Fortnite for some reason. I have read and seen videos on Youtube, people are having some bad texture rendering and similar too. When can we expect bug fix and does someone else maybe knows fix for this issue and similar?
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