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What is going on with OpenCL and Ryzen?

Question asked by zhubinator on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by dipak

I like AMD and Ryzen for the sheer number of cores and horsepower it has, aside from other things, and I used to be able to see "AMD PARALLEL ACCELERATED PROCESSING UNIT, RYZEN 7 1700X" under my VRay tab render settings in Maya for OpenCL at least. I am not sure if it showed up for CUDA too, as I have both brands in my possession for testing purposes. Anyways. I read that AMD stopped OpenCL support for CPUs? Because of some bug? I never had any issues with my Ryzen 7 1700x in Maya and every time Maya launched, it would show 2 "available" OpenCL devices, one for my GPU and one for the CPU. But that's no longer the case. I tried installing the older cheapsets and so far nothing has worked. I just don't wanna lose on performance I could and should be getting from Ryzen too. VRay now just shows CPU/C++ whereas before I would see both AMD PARALLEL ACCELERATED PROCESSING UNIT, as well as my Vega 64. Please help me figure this out. I would appreciate it.