ryzen 5 3600 permanently in 4.2ghz boost

Discussion created by mlxg56 on Jul 10, 2019
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i build a new pc and noticed that my ryzen 5 3600 is always in turbo even when i'm just browsing.

Disabling precision boost overdrive didnt help, i also tried turning off core performance boost, but that causes my cpu to always stay on 3.6ghz and never downclocking or boosting. Having my energy plan on ryzen balanced keeps my cpu always on 4.2, but according to hwinfo when i put the power plan on balanced (the windows default) then my clocks jump from 4.2 to ~2.8-3.5ghz EVERY SECOND.

I also think that being always in turbo causes my high temps, i have like ~42°C when just browsing. (cpu cooler: scythe mugen 5)

My old i5 6500 was around 30°C all the time with a crappy deepcool cooler.


So what can i do to lower temps and especially fixing that perma boost problem?


my hardware:

r5 3600

msi b450 tomahawk

3000mhz cl15 crucial ballistix

rx 580 8gb


thanks in advance