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AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation CPU's Not Booting In Linux

Question asked by dasgeek on Jul 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by hardcoregames™

I'm such a fan of AMD and talk about it often on the Destination Linux podcast and my own Youtube channel. However, it seems there is a consistent theme of AMD products not working on Linux when they're released. I experienced this first with the Radeon VII GPU and now there are reports of issues with the RX5700 and even more concerning with not even being able to boot with the new Gen 3 Ryzen CPU's ( ) another example is with Linux youtube and media personalities in which you sent the hardware to preview and they can't even run it.

Example: "To clarify, "popular" support (and by that I mean "out of the box" support) for @Radeon RX 5700 series on @Linux won't even be available until August at the earliest. Really disappointing, sorry gang. I'll test as soon as I can though."


AMD has done amazing things pushing open-source drivers and accelerating the CPU market. Lisa Su is an absolute genius and the devs and engineers at AMD are just showing how truly talented they are lately with their hardware releases. Yet, despite all of this there is a weak spot when it comes to Linux and new hardware. From what I understand now, this maybe an issue with Systemd but if this hardware was tested at all at AMD this would have been known prior to release.


I have a lot of connections with developers of all the major distros. I personally would be willing to perform any testing needed and I'm certain there are many distro devs who would love to work with AMD directly to test this on your behalf to find and fix these issues prior to release.


So my questions is whether there is someone at AMD I can work with to make these connections or how can we get this problem fixed? It's impossible to tell tens of thousands of people we reach on our podcast to support the hardware manufacturer that is pushing open source so heavily, when your new products won't work on the platform for weeks or months after their release. The competitors hardware isn't facing these issues and their using proprietary solutions. There is something missing here and I want to help fix it.


I'm here to help in anyway I can bridge this gap. Are the devs of the distros you're reaching out to not helping? If so, I can get you in touch with the right people to fix this. Is it a lack of testers because I can put together a team of testers in no time flat. Please let me know what it is you need.