Optimize LC0 - Leela Chess Zero - for AMD GPUs

Discussion created by smato2018 on Jun 27, 2019

Heyho AMD community,


we are all aware about the neural network hype on gpus, and most have noticed
that Nvidia has simply the forehand with their cuDNN framework.


Personally I am convinced that AMD makes good hardware and the opensource based
driver approach will pay off in the long run.


But as a computer chess programmer it is simply sad to see Nvidia's domination
on chess engines like LC0, Leela Chess Zero, which rely on neural networks, an
adaption of Deepmind's AlphaZero for chess.


So I suggest openly to AMD to consider to sponsor some LC0 developers with
some AMD gpus or workstations, or to invest some man hour by themselves into
this project, just to keep up with the bleeding edge of development.


If AMD is not able to find some willing developers, don't hesitate to contact me




PS: about LC0...