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WattMan Settings "restored due to unexpected error" on every reboot

Question asked by exekverad on Jun 14, 2019
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Unknown reason for error occurs after using Radeon Overlay WattMan to switch profile

I am aware of the flawed logic in my title. How do I extrapolate that problem X is related to problem Y?
Logically or in practice I admittedly can not give an answer to that. I speculate that as I have been using and survived various hits and misses and trial and error  with optional as well as stable releases of your driver software for as long as I have (I started becoming familiar with AMD with the release of the famous Clawhammer CPU and ATI a year or two after that) so if I am allowed some wiggle-room I have to refer, in part, to the dreaded "gut-feeling" phenomenon. X & Y are undoubtedly related.

 The only connection I can claim as some kind of proof would be that it doesn't occur unless I do switch profile specifically using the Overlay I have had tremendous amount of problems with WattMan and the Overlay as far back as I can remember, specifically when it comes to how the Overlay and the Radeon Software GUI seems to be independent and even seem incompatible.


A few words about my predisposition 

I am a entrepreneur and a IT-consultant and privately I am enthusiastically tweaking and over-clocking computers. 
My personal computer, though, I am quite cautious with and thus I basically tweak the performance based on my ability to keep it cool and green. Or, in other words, I want to use as little energy and produce as few watt as I can while maintaining and improving the total computing power and over-all performance in all aspects. 

But when it comes to my graphic card I rarely find any viable reason for actually pushing the performance limits much at all, I find the GPU is one part of a computer that benefits the most, along with the motherboard, to not only do your research before a purchase but prepare for upcoming technology and compatibility. That's why I switched from nVidia and Intel on my personal computers (with the obvious exception to racket and small office servers) to AMD (and former ATI). 


What is the problem?

Ever since the 19.6.1 optional driver really didn't come off as ready for any kind of use I made a clean install in a "by the book" way of approach, meaning I did what I tell my costumers to do but obviously know is not the actual cause but rather an ad hoc solution to a problem I often find solvable if given time and some experience. 
So I ran with the famously hyped 19.5.1 and subsequently 19.5.2 as I felt the pressing urge to enjoy Rage 2 to the fullest, and thus didn't want to spend time reverse engineering all the issues I had with the beta generation. 
It works. It works well. I will even supply you with a video of a live stream demonstrating how well it works.

Here is what doesn't make sense and qualifies as an empirically observed problem:


  1. Using profiles in WattMan trough the Radeon Software GUI creates a super-position setup which applies some parts of the settings upon launch (either trough GUI > Launch or independently running the binary) and disregards others. 
  2. If I enable the customized WattMan profile post launch in-game solves the issue of the WattMan profile not being applied. Thus the appropriate settings runs satisfactory. 
  3. After switching or ending the custom fitted program (In this case Rage 2 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance) and using the Radeon Overlay (trough keyboard shortcut) to switch from the customized profile to "Balanced" or even green option it still works as intended, until... 



After every machine rebooting and ever since I started using the In-game overlay to change profiles since it doesn't apply correctly I receive the error pop-up upon system launch and the Radeon Adrenaline driver is loaded onto Random Access Memory saying something to the effect of: "Due to an unexpected error.. default settings". 


This happens on every planned and correctly executed rebooting of the operating system as well as the hardware.

What's interesting and very problematic in all this is the fact that the settings aren't defaulted or changed in any intelligible way. I've combed trough every variable and I don't have the time or personal motivation to spend more time than needed to figure this out.



--- Hardware (Further detailed in the attached DiagX) ---

- AMD Ryzen 7 1800X O.C depending on intended work between 4Ghz and 4.3Ghz
- AMD/ATI (Do you still call it that?) Vega64 OC Air Boost (MSI)
- MSI X470 Gaming Plus with A70 bios
- Corsair Vengence DDR4  3Ghz with 2 XMP profile (profile 2 enabled at 3Ghz in this example)
- HP Omen 144Hz FreeSync monitor (dual monitors but the other one disconnected during trial and error)
- Windows 10 Pro with the latest drivers installed and the latest updates



Sidenote ragerding driver-related speculation

I have the latest drivers available for every part of the computer that is capable of having a x64 driver installed. I am not utilizing any utility software with the exception of Samsung due to the fact that it enables me to update firmware among other things. In the video below I have the monitor set to 100Hz since I am using FreeSync and capped the game at 70 (sometimes 75) frames per second to minimize energy output and monitor life-time expectancy). 



Here's a blog post I wrote on the issue regarding my clean installation of the currently and formally stable and recommended driver for my card, please mind you it's not intended for publication yet and thus is formally incomplete:



As promised, an instance of Rage 2 streamed to YouTube in the manufacturers stated "optimized" resolution (Omen monitor capable of 144Hz capped at 100Hz in this video, not using virtual resolutions thus limited to 1920x1080) and profile capped frame-rate at 70 fps with FreeSync enabled (saving about 100 watt in GPU output by capping the frame-rate, very environmental and keeps the motherboard cooler too):






Post Scriptum: 
This is primarily aimed at staff and/or supporting chapters and individuals and not casual speculation. 
I would thus appreciate limited responses from casual readers or even enthusiasts like myself with the kind of self-proclaimed knowledge and know-ho that encourages the confidence to question if it's not due to the obvious mistakes that so often give the satisfaction of being correct and useful. 


I know that sounds offensive to most sentient and intelligent beings but seeing as I am one of you and admittedly self-proclaimed in most aspects of my genius I find it to be a fitting description of most of us. Unless you know this doesn't apply to your comment, please, speculate. 


This is in no way ment to be humorous. Well, yes the last paragraph kind of is but I do mean it, I want this to be solved and not become a social issue or genitalia measurement contest. Make that the last two paragraphs. 


Thank you!