Resolve the Wattman reset problem

Discussion created by korrektor on Jun 8, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by thegodfather07

Hello everyone. I recently got an RX570 for a second PC and as usual I do with all my GPUs decided to undervolt it and customize the fan curve. However I found out that Wattman is resetting the settings all the time - if the PC was shut down improperly, there was an electricity blackout, something crashed, etc, etc. It was not the undervolt fault because I tested it properly in games and benchmarks and everything runs stable.


So I get the idea and I encountered this before with other AMD cards - better safe than sorry and so on, if for some reason OC or undervolt makes the card so unstable that the user can't even reset the settings this is perfectly reasonable. However, it is really annoying.


My suggestion to resolve this is to apply the settings with a delay of, say, 3 minutes after Windows launch. That should be more than enough to open the control panel and reset the settings manually if something is wrong.

Please do something with it, radeon drivers have superior out-of-the-box functionality compared to competition, but now I'm being forced to use tools like MSI Afterburner instead