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Stuttering or Tearing Problems with FreeSync and New Drivers

Question asked by mstfbsrn980 on May 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by mstfbsrn980

I've been using RX 480 and Viewsonic XG2401 (TN panel on DP with 29-144 hertz FreeSync range) for two years. Previously, with old drivers (18.6.1 and before), I never had stuttering or tearing or flickering problems. Even if FPS fell below 60, I had a very smooth gaming experience. But now when I try new drivers, some of games have under 60 FPS, stuttering or tearing problems occur according to the game V-Sync or fullscreen-borderless settings.


This problems does not occur when I change FreeSync range to 66-144 hertz. All games run smoothly under 60 FPS. But when I use 66-144 hertz FreeSync range, this time 65-70 FPS range is causing the same problems. FreeSync is not working correctly because new drivers can not give same required hertz value for low FPS values. In addition, the "AMD External Events Utility" service is running in the background. This service runs FreeSync in borderless games. But, this service causes stuttering in some of the fullscreen games.



Mafia III (with ultra details), Kingdom Come Deliverance (with ultra details), No Man's Sky (with high details)

My Specs:

Intel Core i5 8600k 4500 Mhz CPU
2x8GB (dual) 3000 Mhz DDR4

ASUS TUF-Z370PLUS Mobo with Latest BIOS

750W PSU with Gold Cert
2x250GB Samsun Evo 850 with RAID