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Problem with windows 10 and Radeon adrenaline updates, HELP PLEASE

Question asked by rtodea0005 on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2020 by duijckaerts

I am at the end of the rope. Frustrated, pissed off, tired. 


Just a few days ago my win10 pc updated with the latest windows updates. I have a custom built rig and just put in a new AMD graphics card. But when I go to update Radeon settings adrenaline software/drivers to the latest version, it cuts out around 40% and gives me the blue screen: stop code 0xc000021a. During restart it freezes at the windows loading screen and throws the blue screen again, same code. I can not get into my computer anymore. 


I’ve tried everything under the sun, both physical and digital suns, if there is such a thing. Nothing in the advanced boot menu works; system restore won’t complete, startup repairs fail every time, I’ve tried multiple cmd lines I’ve found on the forums and Microsoft help pages. Nothing will fix it. And I can’t even boot into safe mode. 


Heres the kicker: this is the second time in a row. I just finished rebooting windows from a recovery drive and spent hours reinstalling programs. Everything worked like a charm on the reboot, but, lo and behold, when I go to shut off, there’s the windows update again, waiting to be installed. Well upon restart, everything seemed fine. But then I had to go and download the Radeon drivers, since I didn’t have them at all, and the same thing happened all over again. Back to square 0. And I even downloaded an older version, you know, just in case it was a problem with the new drivers. Currently in the process of rebooting windows, AGAIN. So basically I can’t run any Radeon drivers in the new update.


Why???? Is there a fix to this?