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AMD FirePro W600 with AOC monitors

Question asked by ramonniese on May 15, 2019
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For a customer of ours we placed 6 pc’s with a AMD FirePro w600 videocard. Each workstation has 6 monitors connected.

5 pc’s have only Ilyama (6x) monitors (ProLite XUB2792QSU-B1) connected and they are working without an issue.


One pc has 3 Benq (GW2765HE) and 3 AOC (U2879VF) monitors connected. The problem is that the 3 AOC monitors suddenly stop displaying. All 3 at once. I already upgraded the AMD drivers and the monitor drivers. Made sure windows  updates and everything is fine. Eventvwr shows nothing.


We also check cables and swapped them!

We also swapped 2 workstations but the problem stays with the AOC monitors so the pc’s are fine.


Does anyone has an idea?


Thx in advance.