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AMD Driver not working on Ubuntu 18 Radeon VII

Question asked by dasgeek on Apr 16, 2019

First, absolutely love AMD for open sourcing the drivers on Linux. It's an amazing accomplishment and has just made using AMD an amazing experience on Linux.


With the current way AMD is releasing it's drivers via the kernel, there is an issue where hardware that is brand new like Radeon VII will not work with any distro that is on a kernel <4.20. This means distros like Ubuntu will not support Radeon VII until their new release of 19.04 which will finally contain a kernel newer than 4.20. Obviously there are hacks for getting the driver to work by using UKUU utilities and manually updating the kernel but this creates stability issues and is out of reach for regular users.


On the other side the competitor who shall not be named is releasing a proprietary driver that needs to be installed but through this method they always have the latest driver support on Linux once that driver is installed. So latest hardware works on all versions.


My question is if AMD is looking into having a driver installation option outside the kernel for distros that run on older kernels for long period of time vs only relying on the kernel?


Thank you for everything you do to help the open source community. We love you!