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Vega 56 Hard Freeze PC and BSOD

Question asked by heartless_ca on Apr 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by higsta

I'm stuck.

My problem is my pc hard freezes or BSOD that requires a complete computer hard reboot. I've had this card for roughly a month and I have tried and replaced everything I can think of but I've had nothing but issues. 
The BSOD is THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER atikmdag.sys/dxgkrnl.sys (according to BlueScreenView), however, I rarely see this bsod. Most of the time it is a hard freeze and I have to hard reboot. This issue is so intermittent and I cannot recreate it reliably as I can go 
1-2 days with no issues gaming (Division 2) for roughly 5 hours and the next day I might have 4 hard freezes once every 20-30 minutes. To date I have not had the issue while not under load ( surfing web).
Never had any of these issues when I had my GTX 1060 6GB prior to this gpu upgrade.


My setup:

CPU: Intel i5 8600k, stock (no oc)
GPU: MSI OC Airflow Vega 56, stock
Mobo: Asus Z370-A (latest firmware)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (3200mhz rated, but stock mhz)
SSD (Primary): Samsung 860 EVO 500GB
HDD (Secondary): Western Digital 1TB 7200RPM HDD
PSU: Corsair RM750x 750W 80 PLUS Gold

Monitor:Samsung 24" c24fg70 1080p 144Hz (not using freesync)

OS: W10, latest build

What I've tried:

I have an MSI Card but do NOT have MSI afterburner or any other software besides the stock AMD suite.

Originally had OC on CPU and Ram. I quit that immediately when I first had a crash. Haven't been OCing for a few weeks but have the crashes frequently still so I don't think it was related.

Reinstalling/ downgrading video drivers normally (19.1.1 -> 19.3.x -> 19.4.1) On 19.1.1 I get the black screen lock up issue and I do not get that with 19.3.x -> 19.4.1 so I've been sticking to the recent.

Using DDU to uninstall the video drivers in Safe Mode, then reinstalling the latest driver (19.4.1)

Setting Windows power options to High Performance(No difference)

Purchasing a brand new PSU (had a 600 watt corsair with seperate 8 pins, now have a 750 watt gold rated with seperate 8 pins).

Purchasing additional case fans for cooling. This does not seem to be a temperature issue as my cpu never goes above 60c under load and GPU 75c under load for hours but I thought I would mention it.

Setting power to +50% in wattman. No difference.

Wiping Windows and starting over. (No difference)


When this thing works, it's great but it seems so unstable and I can't rely on it to just work.
Does anyone have any idea on what I can try next? Should I RMA the card?