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Wattman reset on non gpu crash

Question asked by jimc99 on Apr 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by kingfish

Request: include option to make your own wattman setting standard, so it doesnt reset on computer crash. 


Sometimes my computer crashes its not my GPU.. however wattman reset regardless of this and its potientiall GPU killer. My computer crashed earlier and forgot about this and played some games and my GPU hotspot on my vega was at 106c for 30 min. This feature needs to be included please, very dangerous this.


I mean i understand why you did this, but this solution isnt optimal. Another solution would be to set a temp max and if your fans doesnt respond to this, or cant handle it, simple downclock the card until certain temperature is reached. And this setting would regain its value even after a crash. I mean you can always reset your GPU setting with windows 10 safe boot and reinstall your gpu drivers.


Another solution would be to reset wattman, but then prompt the user after reboot, if he want to reload old wattman settings or to keep stock settings.