Radeon VII stuck at maximum fan speed

Discussion created by kuvasz on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by kuvasz

Over the past couple of weeks (I think) I noticed that the fans go up to full speed and stay there. Here are the details for clarity:


- After booting, no previous load of any kind

- WattMan confirms 0% load, 28°C, ~3850 RPM fan speed

- Inconsistent, sometimes fans slow down, haven't found any correlations

- Tried both manual and automatic fan settings, fans don't respond

- Putting the GPU under full load with gaming and quitting sometimes (?) fixes it, I think

- Latest Drivers, fresh Windows installation in January (when I bought the full system)


This is mildly annoying when I'm not using my headphones, but I'm more concerned about unnecessary wear.

The system used to have a HD5850 in it while waiting for the release of Radeon VII, but the drivers/suite are different so I don't see how that might interfere.


Any ideas?


ps I searched the forums and only found the opposite issue where the fans are stuck at low speeds, let me know if I missed a thread somewhere


pps while finishing up this post I checked WattMan and the card is currently at 90% activity, 28°C, ~3850 fan speed with nothing but this Chrome open... any way to check what the GPU is working on?