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Differentiating FirePro and Radeon cards by Device ID?

Question asked by michaelsonbritt on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by dipak

How can software differentiate between FirePro and Radeon cards based on Device ID and other hardware information?  For example, both the FirePro M5100 and Radeon R9 M270X mobile cards have a Device ID of 1002:6821.  How are application supposed to know the difference, and show users correct information in the UI?

In my case, I have an M5100 installed, but several pieces of software - including the Radeon Pro Settings driver software - report the card as "AMD Radeon R9 M200x Series".  Is this a known issue?  See attached image.


As a related question, for mobile cards, what is the difference between the generic drivers (from AMD) and the vendor drivers (from Dell, in this case)?  Maybe I have an incorrect driver installed?


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Michaelson Britt