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RAID disappears after windows upgrade

Question asked by smath on Mar 11, 2019

I have a TR-1950x in an Asrock x399 Taichi motherboard. The BIOS is v3.50, the current version. The boot drive is an SSD drive. I have an internal RAID composed of 4 spinning drives. This setup worked fine until a recent Windows 10 upgrade. The upgrade failed and I was unable to boot the computer or recover the previous installation. I reinstalled Windows 10 and now when I booted the computer, the internal RAID does not show up. When I boot to the BIOS setup the RAID does show up and the individual drives in the RAID are recognized. However, the RAID does not appear in the Windows disk management window, nor do the individual drives.


Since I cannot get the existing RAID recognized, I wonder if I delete the RAID using the BIOS tools, and recreate a RAID with the same drives if I will lose my data.