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OpenGL ARB_sparse_texture (Driver crash, texture issues)

Question asked by lightningterror on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by lightningterror

Currently we (PCSX2 Team) are trying to implement Sparse Texture support and seem to have stumbled on to several issues on AMD cards which are not present at all on Nvidia (tested by several people).


Major issue: Garbage textures on amd cards whenever sparse is enabled.
Major issue: As of 19.3.1 enabling Sparse also causes a driver crash on amd cards, this wasn't an issue on the previous driver 19.2.3 where it just caused garbage textures, driver 19.2.1 or 19.2.2 just caused an entire black screen window. So far 19.2.3 seems to behave the best out of the bunch that were tested.

Small issue: Gregory (pr author) read the sparse spec on amd and it looks like sparse depth isn't actually supported, Gregory said that driver reports a compatible sparse format for depth texture but it isn't attachable to a frame buffer. Link to detection here.


Here is our current progress, this is the commit and pr that added sparse detection only
Greg/gsdx gl by gregory38 · Pull Request #2837 · PCSX2/pcsx2 · GitHub 


And this is the current active PR where we are implementing the feature
Greg/gsdx sparse by gregory38 · Pull Request #2843 · PCSX2/pcsx2 · GitHub 


Specs: GPU: R7 360, CPU i3 4160, RAM 16GB, OS Win7 64bit


Testcase Download (file was too large to attach so uploaded on Google Drive instead). 


GSDumpGui instructions: Directories should be where the extracted files are located. Sparse texture is enabled in the testcase, OGL HW should be selected before running.