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2990WX/W10 scheduler problem

Question asked by misterj on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by bitsum

Here is an interesting article on the latest W10 scheduler problem.  MS is working on a fix.  It provides a link to coreprio.exe (free utility) which is a temporary (and probably flawed) workaround.  I have tried it with significant improvement in Indigo Supercar Bench of about 65% (4.325 -> 7.254).  There was no improvement for the Bedroom Bench).  It did not help Cinebench.  All these test saturated PPT and TDC and I had to raise them to get these numbers.  Here is a screenshot of Ryzen Master:

Using this RM 'CB Profile', CB score went from 5040 to 5724.

I found in ryzen-master-quick-reference-guide.pdf this explanation for the '--%' always showing for EDC for the 2990WX:


Any questions/comments?  Enjoy, John.