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triplanar doesn't repeat as expected and lacks control

Question asked by voidcore on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by voidcore

I want to use triplanar mapping to quickly get texture mapped on to a larger structure (a building). If I use the built in node the texture doesn't repeat as wanted/expected. In the first attached screenshot you can clearly see how the texture is object local instead of world local in addition to some unexpected clamping on the background plane.

The second screenshot uses world position as mapping (the RPR lookup node)and this is the behaviour I would expect/want except that it doesnt work for the 3 different planes.


I have alread made a node setup that uses the normal for choosing projection direction so I know it can be done but it would be much nicer to have this built in and easily attaced to any material.

In addition, it would also be useful to scale, rotate and offset texture maps in general.