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ryzen 2600x high temperature

Question asked by d1versify on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by ampedition

Reaching 82C with 20c Room temperature when playing games after 1 hour.

So what will happen in summer ? I live in Greece i may play in 30Celsius room temperature in summer. It will keep shutting down?


My specs are

Deepcool Dukase V2

MSI B450 Tomahawk

G.Skill RipjawsV 3200mhz 2x8gb

Corsair CX600

Gigabyte GTX 970 Xtreme Gaming 4gb

1 Noctua Fan 120mm on the front, 1 NZXT 120mm fan on the top, 1 cheap 120mm fan on the rear.

Stock ryzen 2600x cooler


Thing is that when i had the 6600k and a Hyper 212 EVO the temps were pretty good...

I use HWMonitor