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    When I install my RX 570, my PC won't start.


      So, I recently acquired a RX 570 Strix OC 4GB, but i cant get my pc do start when i plug it in the morther board.


      I've tried many solutions but none have worked so far.


      Here is what happens, my actual Gpu card is a GTX750 TI it works whit or whitout it, but when i put the RX570 in the pc wont start, my configs are.


      Mother Board - b85m-e/br

      Processor - Core i5 4590t

      RAM - 2x 8gb DDR3 1600 frequency

      GPU - GTX750 ti

      Power Supply - Corsair cx750m 80 plus bronze

      Storage devices - SSD 240GB Kingston + HD 2TB Seagate

      Other devices - Gaming mouse and Keyboard, webcam and printer.


      Help me pls, i have a promotional code por amd alliance program and it only works with the RX570 on, but pc wont even start with it. What do i do?

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          did you also connect the power to the plugs on the top of the card?

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              Yes, I did even tried another PCIE slot

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                  try a different disk and a clean install of windows from usb or dvd

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                      I've done that too, recently i got a SSD and tried it on the new windows. I'm thinking it may be the GPU, gonna contact AMD directly.

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                          According to your Motherboard Manual https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1150/B85M-E/E9915_B85M-E_Manual_v3_web.pdf   make sure you have the Motherboard 4 pin AUX 12 VDC Connected:

                          Annotation 2018-12-06 164107.jpg

                          The RX 570 only has drivers for Windows 7 & 10 : Radeon™ RX 570 Drivers & Support | AMD . You haven't mentioned which Windows you have installed and what version.


                          Your Asus Motherboard also has a very new BIOS Update: B85M-E | ASUS Global


                          Version 36022018/05/257.29 MBytes

                          B85M-E BIOS 3602
                          Improve system performance

                          Also make sure you have your monitor connected to the RX 570 and not the motherboard's integrated Graphics.

                          In BIOS try setting the PCIe Speed to GEN 2:

                          Annotation 2018-12-06 164107.jpg

                          Your Manual doesn't indicate which slot is PCIe x 16 (2.0 or 3.0). But most likely is Slot number 1 closest to the CPU. The other PCIe x 16 is (x4 speed):

                          Annotation 2018-12-06 164107.jpg

                          Also in BIOS set it to make PCIe Graphics as the Graphics for booting up and using:

                          Also in BIOS "Fast Boot" is enabled automatically. Disable Fast Boot which causes many problems for Users.

                          Annotation 2018-12-06 164107.jpg

                          You also must uninstall completely all Nvidia Graphics drivers for your Nvidia GPU card. It may cause conflicts with AMD Graphic drivers.

                          Use DDU (Display Driver Unstaller) in Safe Mode to uninstall all traces of Nvidea GPU driver from your computer and than install again the latest AMD GPU Driver. Make sure when using DDU that you have the internet disconnected from your computer to prevent Windows from installing a different Graphics driver. After installing AMD Driver, reconnect the internet.

                          Finally to really know if your RX 570 is bad or good, Try installing it in another computer to see if it works. If it works then it is something to do with your computer (Configuration or Driver or hardware). If the same thing happens on another computer it might be a good indication the GPU card is bad.

                          When you install the RX 570 does your motherboard have any odd beeps thru its speaker when it is booting up? It should just beep once. If it beeps more than once, write down the Beeping sequence to see what is at fault.

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                    Wow that is a lot of information, ok lets go step by step

                    Yes i have the 4 pin and the 24 pin on the mother board connected.

                    I'm using Windows 10 last update.

                    My mother board is a little different than that model, b85m-e/br this is the one, so the latest Bios version for mine is from 2016 and i have it updated.

                    I dont remember changing the GEN 2 option so I'm gonna check it.

                    The PCI-e 3.0 slot is the one closer to the center of the mother board yes.

                    I'm pretty sure i've changed the Graphics option in Bios to PCI-e but i'm gonna check as well.

                    I,ve already disabled fast boot.  

                    I havent uninstalled the nvidia drivers yet cuz the PC wont even start with the RX570 plugged in, does having the nvidia drivers installed really interfere on the PC turning on at all? if so ill do it.

                    The only other computer is from my cousin, but his case is really small, ive tried to plug it in his PC but there is no room.

                    The pc doesnt start at all with it plugged in, the PSU just clicks once when i press the power button in the case, but then nothing happens not even the fans work no beep as well, just nothing.

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                        No, the Nvidia driver shouldn't prevent the computer from booting up. But it may cause conflict with the AMD driver if installed.


                        does your Intel CPU have integrated graphics on it? If so, you can connect your monitor to the Motherboard's video output and use the integrated Graphics as long as you have the Intel Drivers installed for the integrated Graphics. That way you don't need to use the Nvidia GPU card. According to Intel, your Intel APU has HD Graphics 4600 integrated Graphics for the I5-4590T APU.


                        I googled your specific Motherboard and Asus Brazil popped up with the BIOS version you mentioned as the latest 2016. B85M-E/BR FAQ | Placas-mãe | ASUS Brasil . But seems to be the same specs as a B85M-E Motherboard. Contact Asus Support via Online Chat and ask them if the BIOS from B85M-E would work in the B85M-E/BR Motherboard. When I inputted your Motherboard's model in Asus Support it took me to B85M-E/CSM Support site which is showing the 2018 BIOS update.


                        But, to tell you the truth, by what you are saying it doesn't seem like a BIOS Update will do anything to fix the problem. So skip that advice for the moment.


                        Sounds like the RX 570 seems to be shorting out the motherboard or PSU when installed. If it doesn't even boot up with nothing turned on, you have a serious power problem. Just guessing by what you mentioned. I would contact the RX 570 Support site and see if they recommend to RMA the GPU Card.


                        If you install the RX and nothing turns on but once you remove the RX and install the Nvidia and everything works again. Sounds like your Rx is shorting out the motherboard or PSU when connected.


                        Really the best way is to install the RX 570 in another compatible computer and see if it does the same thing.

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                            visually check the Rx 570 and see if you see any odd or weird black markings. That could indicate something shorted out on the RX causing your problems.


                            Also If the RX 570 is causing some type of massive power issue or short, it may damage your Motherboard or PSU. So you need to be aware and careful.


                            Again I am just going by what you mentioned as there is no power at all when you turned on the PSU and all you hear is a click with no fans or lights or indication of any power going to the motherboard with the RX570 installed. With a 750 Watt Bronze PSU you should have no power issues with the RX 570 installed. It is possible your PSU is activating a power safety feature to prevent damage to the motherboard (Overvoltage, Shorts, etc).

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                          I know right? My PSU is pretty powerfull for this setup, besides i contacted Corsair via online chat yesterday and we talked for like an hour, we got to the conclusion that my PSU is working just fine, that the problem could be my pc configs or the actual GPU, since its the GPU the only thing not making my pc start, i think i should contact RX 570 support like you suggested.

                          I've sent an email to the Brazil Support team, asking for assistance, now I just wait to see if they answer.