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    bios update for phenom II X4 810



        I have 10 yr old AMD phenom II X4 810 which was working great until Windows 10 update for spectre/meltdown. I don't get any bluescreen but now the system is so slow, it takes a day just to boot up. I have tried to find latest bios firmware on AMD but can't find any. Does anyone have information about where can I still find BIOS update for this processor?



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          Have you tried the motherboard manufacturer.

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            You don't update the processor. You update the motherboard bios. I don't think that any motherboard maker however is making any bios updates regarding this issue on hardware of that age. There is a utility you can choose to disable these updates, while not a good idea from a security standpoint. You likely won't have any issue and if you don't mind being a bit less secure you might find it helps. I also don't know what version of Windows you are on but MS seems to have purposely used these updates to cripple Win 7 and 8. Windows 10 fairs much better.


            The utility I spoke of:

            GRC | InSpectre 

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              If there is no BIOS update from the motherboard manufacturer (or even if there is, the Phenom is an old CPU), simply take ownership of the mcupdate_AuthenticAMD.dll in C:\Windows\System32 and rename or delete.


              Be aware that future updates, upgrades or sfc /scannow will replace the missing .dll and revert your system to it's current state.