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A8-7680 Motherboard support

Question asked by arramzy on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by trongs

My mother wants to breathe some new life into her company's workstation PCs, currently running AMD A4-5300 in a FM2A58M-DG3+ motherboard.

Now the A4-5300 is quite slow and outdated, so I was looking for a new FM2+ processor to replace it with. As luck would have it I saw AMD announce the new A8-7680, but it isn't included in the motherboard's supported CPUs list. Will support for this CPU be expanded? Or will it only work for the short list of supported motherboards that you can currently find online supporting it?


Or maybe this is a question I should ask ASRock?, I don't know I'm quite inexperienced with old hardware (especially new hardware for such an old socket haha)


If anybody knows how I could find more information on the matter/where I should even ask, please let me know.