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    Ryzen 2700x EDC CPU


      Hello, i have a problem. So, today i format my pc, install drivers, newest bios, windows 10 full reinstall and that is what happens now... Can some1 tell me what is this red EDC CPU? why i have this? is this dangerous to my processor? should i make something with it? everything seems working fine but im curious.
      My pc is:

      Ryzen 2700x

      MSI x470 Carbon AC

      32 GB G.SKILL TridentZ 2993MHz

      GTX 1070 Ti AERO

      250GB Samsung 960 evo M.2

      500GB Samsung 860 evo SSD

      Corsair 650 RMi

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          Hi sebaremek


          This is my explanation as a user more, like you



          The default operation of the Ryzen 7 2700X is designed to fluctuate between approximately 0.9v and 1.5v as you can see in the screenshot below




          This is normal.


          If you have not made any changes in BIOS regarding OverClock or processor power management and have selected a power plan in the Windows Control Panel as <AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Plan> or <High Performance> it is normal for the values EDC look red, because for the default operation of the Ryzen 2700X it is necessary to maintain the amperage intensity.

          If you select another energy plan like <Balanced (Recommended)> you can see how the EDC values are reduced drastically and the color changes white, as you can see in the screenshot bellow


          and also you will see how voltages and frequency are reduced in Mhz.


          What would be of concern is that the EDC values will not be reduced in high performance loads, for example:

          If I launch CB15 with <High Performance> as a selected energy plan, the EDC values, before in red, should be automatically reduced as you can see in the screenshot bellow


          and the voltages of the cores should be kept at approximately 1.39v (in the previous image you can observe 1.4125v because I have made changes in BIOS).

          I think you have no reason to worry.

          To keep in mind about Microsoft Windows: The energy management in Ryzen platform still needs to be improved considerably.


          Feel free to contact MSI or AMD technical support to solve all your doubts.



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              Man, thank you alot. You made everything more clear now as u suggested i make power supply plan to Balanced not AMD and now everything looks better on idle. The red edc appears again on load(here i used Cinebench) but as you said i shouldnt worry about it