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somethings about Relive

Question asked by sakuramichitsuki on Oct 23, 2018

Relive is very useful, but there are some suggestions or returns


  • I am using the AMD Crossfire system and I noticed that some games do not support AMD Crossfire.

In this case, is there a way to use other GPUs for encoding (so that it doesn't take up the resources of the main GPU)

Or derive another way from above

For example, if the PC originally used the Radeon RX Vega Crossfire configuration, can i insert a Radeon RX 460 for encoding ?( 2 RX Vega and 1 RX 460,In this case, the RX 460 does not participate in the crossfire.)

Simply put, this mean users can use a specific GPU encoding.

If the AMD staff saw this post, this is my suggestion,thx


  • Relive has a very efficient HEVC encoder

Do I have a way to let other software (such as Adobe PREMIERE) use Relive's encoder?


  • Relive sometimes seems to have a bug, such as a frame suddenly error, and then become a normal recording


  • Relive hotkeys sometimes need to be pressed repeatedly to call out the menu


This post I hope to report bugs and suggestions to AMD staff.

Friends from the community are also welcome to make suggestions.