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threadripper 2 raid

Question asked by karatsonyi on Oct 11, 2018
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We have a threadripper 2 2990WX CPU; and a MSI X399 MEG creation motherboard. BIOS rev 1.1 (latest currently available from MSI. We are trying to use the RAID controller of the system to create a RAID0 bootable volume for win 10. This board has 3 m2 slots. We installed 3x Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 512GB on the motherboard. We enabled the RAID controller in the UEFI; and created the array just fine. UEFI reports that it sees the 1.5TB RAID0 Array. We booted our W10 (build 1809) install media and it shows that it sees 3 independent 512 GB disks (it says it cannot use) and no raid array. We downloaded the oficial AMD RAID drivers from here:(NVMe RAID Support for the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ platform)  loaded the drivers; but no luck seeing our 1.5TB raid volume to install W10 on..... We did notice that the W10 version supported by the driver is build 1703. Is it possible that 1809 isnt supported yet? Any input on this? Are we the only ones having an issue with this? Also we will try to use the riser card instead the slots on the mobo to see if that makes any difference or using the 1703 build of W10. Also the system in question IS a DUAL GPU system. We noticed the verbiage says "With a single GPU in the system, arrays containing up to six NVMe SSDs can be supported without adapters" so can anyone confirm if we use dual GPU this is a no go?