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    x399 - AMD Raid drivers crash WIN10 to reinstall


      whenever I try to install the RAID driver, WIN 10 crashes and has to be restored.


      my system:


      Product Name:X399 AORUS XTREME (1.0)
      BIOS Ver:4fd
      Model:GTX 1080 ti
      Model:Threadripper 1950x
      Operating System:Win 10 64-bit
      Brand:other - Ballistix
      Power Supply:1000
      Memory Part No.:Sport AT DDR4-26



      - updated BIOS to the latest f4d

      - installed 3x M2-drives (Samsung 960) on the motherboard (for System and Caches)

      - installed 4x 1TB Samsung 860 SSDs for a 0-Raid (SATA)

      - created the RAID in the Bios as a 0-Raid (option for M2-raid is off)

      - installed WIN10 on one of the M2

      - installed chipset AMD and other drivers first, only missing ones are the RAID ones


      - WIN10 doesnt recognize the RAID

      - there are two RAID driver on the Support page (https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/X399-AORUS-XTREME-rev-10#support-dl-driver-sataraidahci)


      - when I let the Device Manager find the missing driver (AMD RAID Driver Preinstall driver), the System detects the RAID and wants to reboot, afterwards I get a "Inaccessible Boot Device" and WIN is gone, have to repair it via USB-Stick / reinstall


      - when I try the other AMD RAID Driver to install, I get the Info (see screenshot), that my OS is on a M2, which wont be recognizable to boot afterwards, so I cant do it and should install my OS on a non-M2 (which is not my intention obviously)


      -CSM is disabled, RAID shows properly in BIOS


      the Gigabyte-Support tells me

      "You can only use SATA and NVME (M.2) in AHCI mode or RAID mode. This is an AMD hardware limitation"

      which I find weird, that I have to choose if EVERYTHING is in RAID or not?!?


      anybody got the same prob?


      thx heaps,


        • Re: x399 - AMD Raid drivers crash WIN10 to reinstall

          Raid needs to be enabled on all controllers, including nVME. So you will need to set the nVME Raid controller to yes or enabled.


          If you want your nVME drivers to be normal drives rather than part of an array, set them as Volume drives in the BIOS/Raidxpert2 option. Then you can install Windows and then install the RaidXpert2 software after Windows has installed, and setup Raid 0 on your 4x 1TB drives via the RaidXpert2 software.