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x399 - AMD Raid drivers crash WIN10 to reinstall

Question asked by x399_threadripper on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2019 by veracious

whenever I try to install the RAID driver, WIN 10 crashes and has to be restored.


my system:


Product Name:X399 AORUS XTREME (1.0)
BIOS Ver:4fd
Model:GTX 1080 ti
Model:Threadripper 1950x
Operating System:Win 10 64-bit
Brand:other - Ballistix
Power Supply:1000
Memory Part No.:Sport AT DDR4-26



- updated BIOS to the latest f4d

- installed 3x M2-drives (Samsung 960) on the motherboard (for System and Caches)

- installed 4x 1TB Samsung 860 SSDs for a 0-Raid (SATA)

- created the RAID in the Bios as a 0-Raid (option for M2-raid is off)

- installed WIN10 on one of the M2

- installed chipset AMD and other drivers first, only missing ones are the RAID ones


- WIN10 doesnt recognize the RAID

- there are two RAID driver on the Support page (


- when I let the Device Manager find the missing driver (AMD RAID Driver Preinstall driver), the System detects the RAID and wants to reboot, afterwards I get a "Inaccessible Boot Device" and WIN is gone, have to repair it via USB-Stick / reinstall


- when I try the other AMD RAID Driver to install, I get the Info (see screenshot), that my OS is on a M2, which wont be recognizable to boot afterwards, so I cant do it and should install my OS on a non-M2 (which is not my intention obviously)


-CSM is disabled, RAID shows properly in BIOS


the Gigabyte-Support tells me

"You can only use SATA and NVME (M.2) in AHCI mode or RAID mode. This is an AMD hardware limitation"

which I find weird, that I have to choose if EVERYTHING is in RAID or not?!?


anybody got the same prob?


thx heaps,