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    AMD Radeon R7 Series / HD 9000 Series DirectX


      Recently updated to Windows 10 (1809), Installed GPU driver via AMD Auto-Detect installer. Games give errors about 3D Acceleration access and crash to desktop. Which then result in AMD Control Center not responding, closing and then reloading on demand.(screen flashes black and back on). Attatched DxDiag and MsInfo text files. This happens in both 18.5.1 and 18.9.3 for Radeon drivers. Id also like to add that device manager name for display adapter changes from AMD Radeon R7 Series / HD 9000 Series to AMD R9 255 every now and then when i load device manager. Using windows to update driver causes name to be AMD R9 255 using AMD installer sets name to AMD Radeon R7 Series / HD 9000 Series. Both methods result in same errors.


      This spike to 100% under 3d section was Counter-Strike:Source freezing in a pix-elated state after i hit the options button:



      Error generated from World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth:



      GPU 3D Graph the waves at 16% are when CS:GO was selected as my main program, the cycles to 0% are when I alt-tabbed to actually select the task manager:

      *CS:GO never generated a screen, when u alt-tab to it its just see through


      I Apologize for the many edits, but its the only way I can get these screenshots while programs are freezing without causing a total computer crash.



      **UPDATE 10/7/18

      I was able to revert my windows to build 1803. Then I restarted using the advanced startup feature, and disabled driver signature enforcement. I currently have Crimson Relive software 17.1.1 installed, and so far I have tested World of Warcraft and it works. The frame rate is extremely low and spiking, however I am not getting any hardware acceleration errors. I have yet to test my steam games, and my audio workstation programs.


      **UPDATE 10/7/18 - 2

      Using the AMD auto detect tool, I updated the graphics card to Adrenalin 18.5.1 as recommended. Which has now regenerated the 3d acceleration error in World of Warcraft.


      **UPDATE 10/7/18 - 3

      Crimson Relive 17.1.1 - Jan 2017 caused 3d acceleration error. Crimson Relive 17.1.1 April 2017 allows applications to run 3d acceleration.


      **UPDATE 10/8/18

      Using Device Manager I selected my display adaptor and updated it through windows auto update. After it was complete it was renamed to AMD Radeon R9 255. Nothing worked. So I then went to AMD driver support, selected auto-detect, installed 18.5.1 recommended and again nothing worked. However this time through AMD update I actually got the AMD UI with it, with windows it did not. When windows updated and renamed my graphics card to AMD Radeon R9 255, I was able to right-click on my desktop and it showed the AMD menu option, but when I click it loads and then I don't see any visual representation or process representation of it, I only get the mouse loading icon and then nothing.


      So windows tried to update my card to AMD Radeon R9 255 and AMD installs the card as AMD Radeon R7 series / HD 9000 series. Windows doesn't give me the AMD settings and AMD doesn't give me a specific graphics. The box my computer came with on the outside label however says AMD Radeon R9 255 which is not available on the list of the drivers and support page.


      I have also attached my latest MsInfo and DxDiag.


      **UPDATE 10/09/18

      Tried Autodetect and Clean Install have 18.5.1 nothing seems to wanna solve this and now im back to where even browsers dynamic content is causing screen flashing and radeon application crashing.




      **UPDATE 10/9/18

      Also want to add that my laptop runs NVIDIA and hasn't been on in months. It updated to windows 10 1809 October build with 1 click. It runs wow better than it did prior to the windows update and I can turn my graphics even higher than I had them.


      **UPDATE 10/9/18

      I took out my graphics card, plugged the HDMI into the motherboard input, started up my computer. Windows installed and had me configure Intel HD Graphics. I was able to use everything, no flashing no craziness. Not the same FPS and clarity as before but no joke no errors. Installed my graphics hardware, turned on my computer, installed the 18.9.3 from the support drivers page, and back to errors. The only problem is that in order to plug the HDMI and use the motherboard input and intel HD I have to physically remove my AMD graphics card. Which fixes acceleration blocking but then I don't get the power and quality of when both were working and I had my HDMI plugged into the graphics card.


      **UPDATE 10/10/18

      Ok totally uninstalled AMD Radeon. Shut Down. Removed physical graphics card. Pugged HDMI into motherboard input. Installed and updated Intel HD Graphics 4600. Also under Device Manager I had to right click every system device and upgrade everything like the PCIE controller and RAM controllers and everything. Restarted my computer. Entered into WoW(World of Warcraft) and Counter-Strike 1.6 no issues. Shut Down. Reinstalled physical graphics card. Plugged HDMI into graphics card input (PLEASE NOTE: When I attach the separate AMD PCIE graphics card my computer wont let me use motherboard HDMI input nor it wont let me see or control Intel HD Graphics Control Panel). I started my computer, installed Radeon Adrenalin Auto-Detect tool. It installed 18.5.1. Counter-Strike 1.6 worked, Source did not, CS:GO did not, and I also got graphics flickering and application graphics blocking. Through AMD control panel I updated to 18.9.3. I still have the same issues with games now blocking graphics however I now can use dynamic web content and move mouse and play HD videos with no stutter corruption or flickering. My text and scaling seems more clear and accurate as it was before this mess. The only problem is the only way to remove the error for blocking graphics is I have to shut off my comp and physically remove my video card and then hook my HDMI into my motherboard. So then I get access to graphics but awful quality and performance.


      **UPDATE 10/10/18

      New error dialogue pops up now when trying to load CS:GO along with "csgo.exe has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware"



      **UPDATE 10/11/18

      After checking my call logs on my phone, I would just like to add that this first started 9/18/18. I have reported the problem via contact us page. I have used the AMD problem report wizard. I have contacted Windows support, Microsoft support, XBOX Live support, AMD support, Blizzard support. The only driver I can get to work is Crimson Relive 17.1.1, which makes no sense because I have been using 18.x.x Adrenalin software with no issues. When I install the 17.1.1 it removes the error "example.exe has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware." however the performance and quality is just horrid. The other way to remove that error is to just take out my video card. My computer then switches to Intel HD 4600. the quality of 3d effects looks gorgeous and video playback/flash websites are instant load. However game performance is down in the 15fps range. I used to be able to run graphics in most of the games I own at almost the highest settings with extremely gorgeous quality, and would maintain 60 FPS, which i capped there on purpose, and even with settings on ultra in wow when 25 people blow there cooldowns and initiate a boss fight, Id have 60 fps. So im not sure wtf happened, but the fact I cannot get anytype of solution is driving me nuts. Also, the fact that attaching my AMD graphics card to my computer completely disables my HD 3D pisses me off. When I run DxDiag on my other computer, I get a tab that says Display and a tab that says Render. Display is Intel HD and my Geforce 745m is set to render mode only. I havent once had to touch or manipulate my graphics. Meanwhile typing this post on my desktop is causing my screen to flicker and chrome or edge to crash out. Sigh...wtf is the point, most likely the only person to answer is gonna tell me something I have already stated, or to buy a new graphics card.


      **UPDATE 10/16/18

      Reinstalled Windows fresh partitioned harddrive have 1803. Windows automatically installed AMD Radeon R7 / HD 9000 w. Crimson Relive 17.1.1 . Everything works as far as FL Studio, WoW:BfA, No dynamic content crashing in edge, or chrome. used device manager to update display. Update failed. I believe that AMD Adrenalin Edition sudden change a month ago to all their builds really just, was fail. 18.5.1 worked fine. I ran my wow at 1920x1080x60hz @ 60fps with no frame spiking or loss even mid combat. I remember I had upgraded to 18.9.3 and everything was fine no issues. Keep in mind I had anti-stropic filters 16x ssao on projected texture on depth settings at high. I don't know how or what happened but I don't install anything on my computer once its set up. only updates, and they are download only I install. within a 3 hour period a few days after my 18.9.3 update and after everything was working fine I came back to a locked computer screen. Windows update showed no updates, I knew it couldn't be AMD because I already updated to 18.9.3. Well im not gonna beat the dead horse on this one, if u have a predator 63 605 with amd radeon r9 255 2gb DDR5 and an Intel 4770 processor, no even uninstalling the graphics physically will allow u to install and use the Intel chipset graphics HD for rendering and your Radeon for display like it was when you first bought it. However if your trying not to go nuts, fresh install windows from the update manager, connect to the internet during installation, login using your Microsoft account, it will restart a few times and then boom everything will work, ur settings are synced from ur account all easy peasy. U just have to now sit and wonder why even though none of your builds, hardware or software changed, or if they did and have been working for a week or so amazingly, why u now have to revert to 17.1.1 crimson relive and why Windows is able to pick the right driver for your card, and why AMD update recommendation straight off the website, eventually leads to your computer graphics freezing and hanging ur system. Which also seems to be triggered by even the simplest of animations from windows. So u cant update ur card cause the new AMD support destroys your computer and u cant play your games because the only working driver is one from years ago and your games tell u to go to AMD and update. Ontop of that you cant find amd radeon 255 2gb ddr5 support on the AMD site. So......yea.


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