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    XFX RX580 intermittent blackscreen in game FIXED


      So I have a XFX GTS Black Core Edition Radeon RX 580 and I've been getting intermittent blackscreen since as long as I can remember:

      Here are three videos to demonstrate what I am talking about:




      The AMD driver version in those three videos are 18.9.2.



      I have also downgraded to 18.5.1, an older version of the driver, hoping it would provide a more stable performance. It however did not fix the issue:






      BUT, Today I discovered this comment on the linus forums, and so I tried it out and IT WORKED! No more blackscreen!


      To recap the steps in Wattaman:

      pushing the power limit up to +50%, increasing the fan RPMs and Lowering the temp target, as well as Undervolting the VRAM from 950mv to 900mv and lowering the Core voltage to 1137mv instead of 1150mv