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Unable to click "express" or "custom" installation - radeon drivers

Question asked by nadabro on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by nachouu


I´m trying to install drivers, but i cant pass this screen:


Clicking/enter on "Express Installation" or "Custom Installation" (translated from pt), it doesnt do anything, but i can minimize the window or close it.


Tried multiple versions available: September, May (?), all behave the same way. Manage to install drivers using Drive Updater Tools, but installs a driver version from December which makes the OS slow down (moving mouse, opening windows, etc). The OS is pretty clean, only Chrome and C++ 2008 installed. Updating Windows, doesnt look to solve it.


How can i install a working driver?


Laptop Acer V5-122p

APU: A4-1250 / HD8210

OS: Windows 7 32bit